Industrial Laser Systems

Laser Micromachining Systems

Laserpoint produces both complete laser micromachining systems and functional optical subsets, based on high performance laser diode such as ultrashort pulse lasers (picosecond and femtosecond), variable pulse fiber lasers, quasi-continuous fiber lasers (Q-CW). These systems are used in research on new materials and structures, as well as in production lines of components for microelectronics, aerospace and precision mechanics, among others.

Custom Laser Solutions

The customization of laser solutions requires a detailed knowledge of the industrial processes involved, their economic viability, the detailed knowledge of the most important laser machine parts (sources, axes, scanners, software management, micro laser cut, laser diode, etc.) and finally the ability to develop processes requested. Laserpoint provides customers with all these capabilities, combined with the punctuality of delivery times and cost effective solutions.

Laser Marking Solutions

Laserpoint laser marking systems (class I and IV) are based on "fiber laser" technology of the latest generation (in which the active medium of the laser is the ytterbium doped fiber) and UV laser sources for marking on more delicate materials, such as plastics and semiconductors. All the lasers that we integrate allow to generate a laser beam quality practically ideal (normally indicated as "factor M2"), such that the beam can be focused in very small focal spot (for example, the laser beam of a system with a working distance of 100 mm can generate a spot of less than 10 micrometers); in this way the energy supplied by the laser can be used integrally providing clear and high-contrast markings, thereby increasing the readability and allowing microprint applications (e.g. for anticounterfait).